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Umbrella company FAQs

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Umbrella company FAQs

Umbrella company FAQs

Why should I opt for an umbrella company solution?

In simple words, it is a company that acts as an employer to the contractors who work under a fixed term contract assignment, usually through a recruitment employment agency. An umbrella company offers a convenient way to trade to contractors because of the presence of an all-encompassing contract that provides continuous employment to a contractor. It’s a good option if you're really just in between permanent jobs. It involves a simpler process with no or little paperwork.
At Bradleys Payroll Solutions , we enable you to get paid for your contracting work on a PAYE basis. We will assume you are working under Supervision, Direction or Control, you will be paid with no tax relief and we will deduct the tax and National Insurance due against your earnings.
You can claim tax relief against your expenses at the end of the financial year so you remember to keep receipts for them. This is an ideal solution for any temp worker who is doing short term contractual projects or does not want the hassle of operating a limited company.

How much can I take home while contracting via an umbrella company?

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How do I submit my timesheets?

Is it okay for me to work on more than one contract at the same time?

Do I need to be concerned about IR35?

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