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Self-assessment personal tax return

Anyone who has ever tried filling their self-assessment tax return before will agree how potentially frustrating the entire process is – especially if you are self-employed, a company director or receive a foreign income.

At Bradleys Contractors, we understand how year-end tax returns can be a real pain, especially when you have enough on your plate already. But beware of putting it off – if you don’t receive a reminder from HMRC, you could forget about filing your personal taxes completely – until it is too late.

So to save you from the hassle of filing your tax returns, we can prepare all your paperwork, including calculating your PAYE, advising on payments and also making sure that in the end you pay minimum taxes. Our services include:

Calculating your liability

Tax advice, planning and preparation

Self-assessment tax return submission

Calculating capital gains tax and associated reliefs

Inheritance tax planning

PAYE and NI (National Insurance) contributions

Repayment claims

Tax disputes

Review of taxation affairs and position

Income tax on pension and investment income

Allowances and exemptions

Correspondence with HMRC

For a free consultation on self-assessment, contractors can call our Tax Helpline on 0203 507 0022 or write to us at accounts@bradleyscontractors.co.uk.
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