Umbrella company contractors, let us work in compliance

Umbrella company contractors, let us work in compliance

Due to the April 2016 crackdown, there is an increased pressure on the contractors to work within a compliant framework. But the problem is most contractors struggle with tax implications due to lack of support.

As a contractor, we understand you neither want the hassle of excessive paperwork nor do you want to have a run-in with the law. That is why taking up the option of umbrella payroll is feasible. This solution ensures that you don’t have to worry about complicated legislations such as agency legislation, MSC legislation and IR35. You work like an employee – but enjoy the benefits of being a contractor.

How can Bradleys Payroll help?

I’m glad you asked. We offer the most robust compliance services to contractors, boast of a team of experienced professionals and work with numerous agencies, trust and other local bodies all across the country.

What’s there in it for me, you ask?

We will manage your timesheets, file taxes and keep the dreadful IR35 in check for you, so that you can focus on generating more revenue. We will provide you with a weekly PAYE payroll for £10.00 per week, irrespective of the number of timesheets you submit during the week.

Is the umbrella solution right for me?

Of course, it is.

A recent The PeoplePerHour survey of 1,000 SMEs and large-sized businesses revealed that as many as 57% plan to hire more contractors than permanent employees by 2020. Your future is bright; all you have to ensure is your finances are in order and you are compliant – and you can sort out everything once you have the right support system with you.

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