Spam alert: Don't fall for fake HMRC tax refund emails

Spam alert: Don't fall for fake HMRC tax refund emails

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HMRC tax refund scam emails are doing the rounds again. Even though it is a standard phishing scam, many taxpayers do fall for it. As you know Bradleys works proactively to ensure you stay abreast with the latest information on tax and related issues.

Since email spams that appear to come from HMRC are a matter of serious concern, we thought we should bring them to your awareness again. The worst part is that such emails often contain HMRC’s logo and official style reference which can make it difficult for the individual to detect the fraudulent activity.

To save yourself from fraud, please keep in mind the following points:

  • HMRC will never contact you via an email or a text message about anything confidential. They will correspond on the phone or by post.
  • HMRC will never ask you to disclose sensitive or personal information on email or text.
  • The language used in email spams is frequently poor. If you read them carefully, they are often easy to spot.
  • Do not visit the website contained within the email.

For more details, head to this HMRC page on tackling phishing emails

An HMRC report states that it prevented 8 million malicious emails from reaching customers between April 2015 and March 2016. Let’s hope we all can make a difference at our level by staying alert. If you receive a suspicious message on email or text, please report it on

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