Non-EU workers plan to say “bye” to the UK due to Brexit

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According to a Deloitte study, one-third of non-British workers are considering leaving the UK due to Brexit within the next five years. The survey was conducted before June’s General Election result and more than 2000 EU and non-EU workers were surveyed – out of which half reside in the UK and half live outside the UK.

In one of our articles published in May, we discussed how the contractors’ confidence fell to the second lowest level on record due to Brexit. There was a sense of pessimism amongst them and 70% of contractors were already considering heading overseas to live and work.

Coming back to June, the scenario hasn’t changed one bit and although the survey doesn’t exclusively mention the contractor community, the survey results still pose a big problem in front of the UK marketplace.

In fact, in a country where there are over 3.4 million migrant workers, the recently-published study is a sign of serious implications for employers as it raises pressure on the ministers to devise an effective immigration plan to find ways to enhance the skill set of the UK workers.

There is a lack of clarity regarding the UK’s economic outlook. The pound fell sharply post the Brexit announcement and it still remains low at 13% against the Euro compared with the day before.

As of now, it doesn’t matter if the UK is the most desirable place to work – because 48% of workers residing in the UK see it as less attractive as a result of the Brexit decision, while 21% of them living outside the UK also share the same opinion.

A recent poll by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) showed a sharp 95% decline in the number of nurses, belonging to the EU, registering for work in the UK since Brexit. The NHS itself is in rocky waters as it is facing severe financial crisis. More on that in the coming days.