MTD delayed; contractors yet to feel the ripple effect of IR35 reforms

MTD delayed; contractors yet to feel the ripple effect of IR35 reforms

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would be aware of the fact that the UK government has not only omitted MTD but also amended the IR35 reforms. The news article published today states the number of PSCs that realize they have been impacted is far more than the total number of PSCs that are actually affected.

Moreover, it is also believed the IR35 reforms should have been excluded from the Finance Bill and delayed until after the General Election 2017, just like MTD. What are your thoughts on this?

Contracting vs. full-time employment

In another news, a Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions survey has revealed that one of its four candidates is leaving the public sector. However, an Optionis poll taken recently contradicts this, and concludes that contractors pose a lesser risk than full-time employees from a recruitment point of view.

Is it too early to fuss about the negative impact of the IR35 reforms? Or has the situation changed for the better?

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It’s all about the numbers

An article posted on Recruiter states that professionals working in the staffing and recruiting sectors have 702 connections on LinkedIn on an average. HR professionals, on the other hand, have just 380 LinkedIn connections on an average.

A word of advice for our contractors – please make an account on LinkedIn if you haven’t already. We understand the times are bad in the public sector; but do maintain an updated LinkedIn profile to always be in the purview of the recruiters. A new job is just around the corner!

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