how will distributions be taxed on winding-up a company?

How will distributions be taxed on winding-up a company?

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An announcement in the Autumn Statement 2015 confirmed that there will be significant changes coming in April 2016 that will impact the taxation of company distributions.

There are a number of ways to close a company and the most common way is to take any remaining profit as dividend. Another tax effective way to close down a company with funds over £25,000 is through a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) where the remaining funds are distributed as capital rather than dividend to the shareholders.

From April 2016, the payment received after closing down of a company will be taxed as income tax at rates ranging up to 38.1% instead of capital gains tax, the rate of which is as low as 10% and a maximum of 28%. The proposal is designed to prevent transactions which are carried out with the main purpose of obtaining a tax advantage.

The conditions under which the distributions will be caught are as follows:

  • A shareholder who receives a distribution is respect of shares during winding-up
  • Within a period of two years after the date of distribution, the individual who receives the distribution continues to be involved in a trade or activity carried on by the company
  • It is clear that one of the main purposes of winding-up is obtaining a tax advantage

The new rule will apply to distributions made after 5th April, 2016 regardless of whether the liquidation commences before or after that date. 

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