how to find more work as a freelancer

How to find more work as a freelancer

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So you have stepped out into the world of freelancing. It’s exciting. You are finally going to start working on your own terms and on projects you actually like. Wow! That’s an achievement and you are proud of yourself – right? You should be!

However, being self-employed is equally daunting because well, now you are on your own which means you yourself have to hunt for projects on a continuous basis. There is no job security and even if you are being paid handsomely, there’s no guarantee that the job will last.

So what do you do? You follow these tips shared below:

  1. Write down names of potential clients

    You can’t reach out to all the companies in the market. Therefore, it is best to make a list of people who have ever enquired about your products or services, old clients, people you have bumped into during networking events, your social media followers, etc. You can try your luck in pitching your services to random companies but that won’t fetch any results. You could also try to register with any relevant agencies if there are any that operate in your field of business.

  2. Create a portfolio

    Show people what you can do. Take good quality images of your work, your previous jobs, places you have ever visited and tools you know how to use and testimonials. Create a simple website, if possible. If you are a more visual person, make a video! In this time and age, visual collaterals can really make a difference. In addition to this, weed out inappropriate posts and negative comments from your social media.

  3. Ask to be referred

    If an old client of yours is happy with your work, ask him or her to refer you to other companies or people. They may or may not do this until you prompt them. So let them know that you are on the lookout for more business, so that they can spread a good word about you in the market. Connect with them on social media or write them an email. Ask them politely if they might need your services.

  4. Pick up the phone

    We live in an age where everyone’s really busy and hence, talking on the phone can pose a real hassle. But don’t assume this is the case with everyone. Whenever you speak to a potential client, introduce yourself and give them a solid reason for your call. Start with a small story or an anecdote.

    A phone call pushes things forward and will not be easily ignored like an email. Moreover, you can instantly make a decision on whether or not the client shows any promise.

  5. Network

    This is scary, especially if you are not a big fan of talking. But since you are self-employed, you have to open yourself to new opportunities by making contact with new people. Join a local industry body or attend trade events. Now that you are businessperson yourself, get visiting cards made and ensure your LinkedIn is updated.

    Yes – looking for new projects is challenging. But if you take this in a positive manner, your job can be quite interesting. So don’t lose heart and keep working hard. Good luck!