How can contractors build a personal brand

How can contractors build a personal brand

We have been hearing about the term “personal branding” since past five years. In fact, now almost all professionals across just about all industries are focusing on nurturing and promoting their personal selves. And this activity is all the more important in the world of freelancing.

Personal branding, in simple words, is all about promoting yourself in a way you would like to be perceived by other people and companies. These days it is essential to have a personal brand to survive the increased competition amongst professionals – full-time, part-time and freelance.

Contractors, in particular, can use personal branding to get their hands on more and better work. If done right, it can help them achieve their professional goals quite easily. It doesn’t matter what arrangement is followed, contractors offer a range of services and this is how they can spread the word about themselves:

  1. Identify yourself and target audience

    Ask yourself questions such as “What am I promoting?” “How proficient am I in my profession?” “Am I the only person with this particular skill set?” You must have a clarity about your capabilities and what you plan to achieve through them. Secondly, you must know your target audience; “Which companies do you plan to promote your services to?”

  2. Work on your online presence

    Pick one social platform that suits your profession and start using it to stay updated on the latest industry trends. Follow influencers and communicate with them. Social media can also give you info on job openings – provided you spend your time on it wisely. Not sure which one to choose – spend some time looking for contractors like you and see where they are most prevalent.

  3. Build a strong CV & LinkedIn profile

    Work on the content and tonality. Whatever you write on either of them should be authentic. The language should be to-the-point. LinkedIn offers a wonderful opportunity to network and find suitable temp jobs. It is the go-to place for most recruitment agencies – so make the most of it!

Lastly, stay a student in your industry. There is still so much to learn. Develop your skills. Try to take up online courses to better your CV. Personal branding may initially seem harder than it seems. But if you work hard on yourself, it can take you places!