Contractors, build a CV that keeps your employment status in check

Contractors, build a CV that keeps your employment status in check

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It is always a matter of pride to showcase your work. For contractors, specifically, this means a lot as it is on the basis of their CV that they attract prospective employers and bag new projects. After the off-payroll rules came into effect from April 6, it is all the more important to highlight the past experience in the right way.

Framing and evidencing your abilities is definitely a task but if you want to put yourself out there, you need to strike the right balance between the requirements of your prospective employers and IR35 status-related issues.

The art of writing CVs is slowly evolving across the globe. The traditional form of CV writing, which comprises past experience details laid down chronologically, 3-4 hobbies and a cover letter, is slowly diminishing.

So working professionals are now highlighting their experience in a case-study format which puts emphasis on highlighting the individual work experiences – written in mini case studies. A case-study style CV focuses more on the work, and not the client or employer of the working professional.

Here are a few nifty tips for you to keep in mind when you sit down to write your CV:

1. Add stars to your CV with the STAR framework

STAR is an acronym which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. How is this helpful, you ask? Describe each of your projects as a case study. Mention your role, your tasks, how you executed those tasks and what results did you achieve.

2. Be smart when you mention your work

Structure your CV as a portfolio of mini case studies. This works for contractors because with what’s going on with the IR35 reforms, a traditional CV makes the contractor look like an employee of his clients. So one needs to be careful with what the CV states about the employment status. It is vital for the contractor to be appear IR35-friendly.

3. Don’t put employment history on your CV

Yes – we will repeat it again. Don’t mention employment history on CV as it sends out the wrong message for IR35 purposes. Don’t refer your clients as your employer or presenting them that way. Your employer is your limited company, and your CV should explicitly state that.

Be cautious of the words you choose to use in the CV. Contractors for now are walking on a thin line; don’t let your CV make things even more difficult.