5 points to remember when you join a new office as a contractor

5 points to remember when you join a new office as a contractor

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As a contractor, you have the chance to work on multiple projects in your own time and as per your convenience. This is great, especially if you feel full-time employment is not your cup of tea. But what if you have landed a particular project that requires you to go to the client’s office regularly or even work from their office?


Fitting in to a new place of work, among co-workers, can be intimidating even though you know you are going to be around for just a couple of months. But since they have hired you for your expertise, you have to ensure you come across as a valuable part of the team.

Here are 5 tips you can follow if you have just joined or are about to join a new workplace as a contractor:

  1. Communicate regularly

    Make sure you communicate the progress of your work to the manager on a daily basis. Even if it is not regarding to the tasks-in-hand, have a one-to-one interaction about the latest trends, workflow processes and industry updates with your subordinates or superiors as this is essential for you to come across as a confident and knowledge member of the organization.

  2. Make notes

    If you are going to the office regularly, chances are you will be given many responsibilities; from attending multiple client meetings to brainstorming new pitches – you will have a lot to observe and absorb. Therefore, to stay ahead in this game, make sure you make copious notes so that you never leave out any information and keep on top of the situation.

  3. Be a part of the corporate culture

    As a new joinee, don’t be afraid to ask about Casual Fridays, if including emoji in emails is ok, appropriate accessories for desk and other HR-related questions. You are here to not just work but also be a part of the culture that the company follows. Therefore, don’t hesitate to clear your doubts – even if it is as simple as asking about cafeteria timings or the best place to grab a coffee for yourself!

  4. Highlight progress and changes

    Just like other employees of the organization, you may be asked to maintain a weekly report that tracks your activities. And even if you are not, then please go ahead and keep a record yourself. Share that document with the superiors to update them as to where you have reached in your assignment.

    Highlight areas where you feel more work is required or extra data is needed. Be transparent – because in the end, you are accountable for all your work because of the nature of employment.

  5. Contribute as a team member

    Working as a contractor can be tough for those who are introverts and not big on socializing. But even if this is not the case, you should maintain smooth, professional relations with your team members. Don’t think about the handful of months you will be around. Instead, be open and friendly to them. Working with them will become easier!

We hope these tips help you to have a brilliant time at your new office. If you have any other points in mind, don’t forget to share them with us!