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Contractor mortgages are the same as other mortgages; the only difference is lenders see contractors differently from permanent employees as they feel contractors do not have a job security.

With changing times and more people choosing to work for themselves, the financial services industry is now aware of the low risk that contractors are and have restructured their lending criteria to handle flexible workers’ mortgage requirements.

We, at Bradleys Contractors, can provide mortgage advice to you through our partner service provide, Qdos Contractor. For any documentation required to secure a mortgage, we will submit your personal and limited company’s financials on your behalf.

Information required by lenders

You will need to provide the documents mentioned below, if you decide to take a mortgage:

Updated copy of your CV
Copy of your current contract
Historic contracts
Documentation of at least three months of limited company business
Latest three months of personal and business bank account statements
Identity proof
Address proof

In addition to these details, you will also need to provide evidence of how you will pay the deposit. Don’t worry – securing a mortgage is a relatively simple process, or let’s say we can help to make it simple.

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