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Contract reviews

contract reviews IR35 is another complex law in the long list of legislative issues that limited company contractors face today. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are affected by IR35 regulations it is worth getting all your contracts reviewed before signing them.

Our IR35 contract reviews, done via Qdos Contractor, are a cost-effective way to ensure that you meet HMRC requirements and don’t fall foul of legislation. They are designed specifically for contractors, consultants and freelancers who are concerned about the financial, tax and professional impact of IR35.

In addition to finding out whether your contract will be deemed as inside or outside of IR35, they will provide a full written report that gives you a full picture of your tax status. As important as these services are to test your IR35 status, they will also ascertain how you should structure your payments, either inside IR35 (PAYE) or outside IR35 (salary + dividends).

The following IR35 services are available for you through our partner service provider:

Review all contractual documents before you sign them
Advise you about your status – inside or outside IR35
Construct your contracts in such a way that you have minimum tax implications
Negotiate with your client/agency to amend your contracts
Provide written report regarding IR35 status
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