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Company accounts

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Company accounts

Company accounts

If you run a limited company, you will agree having your own business comes with a lot responsibilities involving paperwork. To reduce this specific pain point, Bradleys Contractors offers five simple but important services:


Creating mere transactional entries doesn’t ensure accurate books. It’s important to maintain a tidy set of books which, at a quick glance, are simple and clear enough to draw information from. This is what we do – as we believe every accounting entry represents everything regarding the source, nature, type and details of its provenance.

Bookkeeping services can be broadly categorized into:

  • Purchase ledger control
  • Sales ledger control
  • Sales invoicing
  • Bank reconciliation
  • General ledger
  • Expense accounting
  • Assets ledger
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Annual accounts preparation

Based on your bookkeeping records, we will prepare annual and statutory accounts which will form the foundation of your tax return. We offer all statutory and non-statutory accounting services which include preparation and submission of:

  • Abbreviated accounts to Companies House for small limited companies
  • Financial statements in IFRS or UK GAAP
  • Management accounts – monthly, quarterly or half-yearly
Business tax planning

There’s a separate deadline to pay the Corporation Tax bill which is usually 9 months and one day after the end of the accounting period. Since this offers a huge window to make the payment, this gives us ample time to help the contractors claim whatever business expenses they are entitled to and also manage funds in their accounts.

Quarterly management accounts

Running a business is like competing in a race. You need to know how much fuel you have and how fast you are going. Unfortunately unlike in a car, you don’t have a dashboard set up to give you this information on a periodic basis. This is where Bradleys Contractors comes into the picture.

Our mission is to ensure your business performs at optimum profitability – which is why we offer a range of services that identify, assess, collect, analyse and interpret management information every such as:

Management reports (monthly, quarterly and yearly)

Surplus and deficiencies in resources, bad debts, etc.

Actual vs. budgeted performance

Profit and loss per period

Balance sheets

Asset appraisal

Trend chart, variance analysis and other statistics

Cash flow forecasts and management

Sales expenses

Key performance indicators

Profitability of projects

Measures to control costs

We give each one of our contractors a summary of his or her own funds every four months so as to give them an idea about the assimilated tax liabilities based on the income they have earned in that period or their company.

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Online accounting

Since we provide valuable business and tax advice to our contractors, we help them to set up accounts online on XERO so that they can view all of their accounting activities on the software whenever and wherever they choose. We provide the login details to the contractors who can view various financial stats such as turnover, tax liability, VAT returns, withdrawals, etc. online.

With XERO, we strive to explain our contractors how well their businesses are performing, and also provide tax assistance.