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About us

Bradleys Contractors serves contractors, freelancers and the self-employed across the UK with a range of professional accountancy services. With an efficient staff having a notable experience of over 10 years in the business, we help you to manage timesheets, file taxes and keep the dreadful IR35 status in check while you focus on getting fresh projects on board and attending client meetings.

Sounds good?

Why Bradleys? You ask

It’s simple - we make contracting simple for you! We are here to assist you at every stage of your contracting career.
From choosing an appropriate business structure to tax management and deemed payment calculation – we can do it all. By the way, we provide services for contractors working in all sectors but have particular knowledge of healthcare, IT, education and social work. Don’t worry – we have got you covered!

Fixed fee agreed in advance. Save against your current fees.
Delivery date agreed in advance. Faster turnaround every time.
If you are not happy with our service, pay what you think is fair.

Want to know more about our guarantees? Feel free to get in touch.

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