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Congratulations on finally taking the leap of faith and becoming your own boss! Contracting allows the worker to have better control his or her work. Making a switch from a permanent form of employment to contracting can be a daunting task. Managing multiple incomes and filing taxes can be a tedious process – which is why we are at your service to put all your pain points to rest!

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Set up your company

Starting your own company is a big step, as this requires more of a commitment from you given the number of statutory and financial obligations you have to fulfill. Also, working through your own limited company means you’ll save on tax!

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Get paid on a PAYE basis

This is an ideal solution for any temp worker who is doing short term contractual projects or does not want the hassle of operating a limited company.

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Always ready to help!

When you work as a professional contractor or a freelancer, you provide services to clients and suppliers on a daily basis. This inevitably exposes you to circumstances that might not be necessarily in your complete control. Therefore, secure your job at the earliest with the help of our partner services.

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We're the heart of your agency

Put Bradleys in charge and you can focus on what you do best – running your agency – because we will be doing what we do best – looking after your contractor payroll requirements. No matter how your contractors are operating – we can expertly manage them for you with competitively priced services.

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Latest news

NHS takes a U-turn, IR35 review in order

Date 22 Aug 2017
NHS states their “blanket IR35 determinations” were not accurate as announced earlier and that not everyone in the locum staff will be declared inside IR35 without a proper review.

Non-EU workers plan to say “bye” to the UK due to Br...

Date 27 Jun 2017
According to a Deloitte study, one-third of non-British workers are considering leaving the UK due to Brexit within the next five years.

Contractors unhappy and under confident due to IR35 ...

Date 23 May 2017
More than 4 out of 10 techies say that due to Brexit, it is much less likely for them to start their own business ventures.

Accountants of contractors get affected by the IR35 ...

Date 19 May 2017
There is one more community that seems to have taken a hit due to the newly implemented off-payroll rules, and that comprises contractor accountants.